BIM-connect is an Revit add-in developed by BIM-optimaal that allows you to make connections between 3D models and other disciplines and/or data sources in construction projects. Its purpose is to facilitate data exchange, data integration and collaboration between the many different disciplines that are involved in such projects.

One of the add-ins key functionalities is to connect 3D models with #BriefBuilder. BriefBuilder is a professional tool for requirements management in construction- and infrastructure projects. The tool allows you to capture, analyze, verify and manage requirements throughout a project.

BIM-connect enables you to link the objects from #BriefBuilder (e.g. spaces, fittings, fixtures, furniture), with their 3D counterparts. It allows you to do automated verifications of 3D models—checking if design solutions are compliant with the construction client’s requirements, as they are captured in #BriefBuilder. Furthermore, the add-in makes it possible to transfer data from #BriefBuilder to the 3D model.

Projects where BIM-connect has been successfully applied include the #Academic hospital Aalborg (DK) (170,000 sqm), #The new Collection Building of Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam (15,000 sqm) and research facilities for TNO in the Netherlands (7,000 sqm).

Below you can download a 30 days evaluation version (version 2020.0.02) of the BIM-connect add-in for Revit, which can be used for both Revit Architecture and Revit MEP.

Download #BIM-connect Addin 2019

Download #BIM-connect Addin 2020

Download #BIM-connect Addin 2021

Download #price overview (ENG)

Download #price overview (NL)

Download #Installation instructions

Click here for a video about an earlier version of the add-in that explains the basics of how to link BriefBuilder data to a Revit model.

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